Nancy Campbell

Vantar/Missing by Nancy Campbell - image copyright Susan Kruse

Nancy Campbell is a writer and artist who is currently creating a wonderful body of work around a residency she undertook at Upernavik Museum in Greenland in 2010.

How To Say I Love You In Greenlandic - image copyright Nancy Campbell
We first met when Nancy was showing some of her books at the Manchester Artists' Book Fair. I fell in love with her books, How To Say I Love You In Greenlandic and The Night Hunter. After rhapsodising about Nancy's work she offered to send me a copy of the poem from The Night Hunter and I sent Nancy a copy of an Icelandic Dictionary which was one of the treasures rescued for The Library of Lost Books.
The Night Hunter - image copyright Nancy Campbell
This week I got a package in the post, a copy of Nancy's book Vantar/Missing which has the following text inside it:

Vanta (ad). v. to want, lack, impers. with acc. of the person and thing
(e-n vantar e-t).
A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic by Geir T. Zoega, Oxford: Clarenon Press 1910

It's lovely to see yet another old, unwanted book getting used and loved rather than pulped and destroyed. So The Library of Lost Books lives on...

Susan Kruse

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