Dreams and plans

The Library of Lost Books is a very small, big project. It's a very small project because it is run by one very part-time person with occasional help from a small band of volunteers. It is a big project because it holds an art collection of over 50 altered books made by artists around the UK. It has a wonderful collection of discarded old books still waiting to be made into art and it has dreams to exhibit the collection in various venues around the UK in the next two years.

What it doesn't have is a budget. Last year we were generously supported by our sponsors Sheaffer and exhibited the collection as part of the Library of Birmingham Discovery Season. We sold some copies of our book, Bringing Back the Book, which helped us to exhibit some of the books in Carmathen and Oxford.

This year, we have been invited to exhibit the books at two very exciting venues in London and York (we'll tell you more about each in another post) but to exhibit the books we need to do some fundraising.

And here is the big one....we want to buy a van. With a van we can go anywhere. We can take the collection into schools, libraries, festivals, art galleries, community spaces. With a van we can run workshops, we can rescue other books, we can get more people involved. With a van we can be a mobile, small big project!

So that's a bit of a challenge for sure. But this is The Library of Lost Books, we save books, we make art, we have big dreams...

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