Beyond the Book

Artists who use books as their medium
Saturday 5 April - Sunday 8 June
Devon Guild of Craftsmen

The artists in this exhibition examine the book as physical form as well as a container of ideas and concepts. A household object - the conventional book has only recently been rivalled by the computer screen and electronic text. This exhibition sets out to explore this transition, through a variety of formats, from photographs to sculptures, installations and jewellery. The special qualities of the book object are deconstructed and described by these artists who all share an interest in history and memory, language and narrative.


Ellen Bell, Su Blackwell, Jonathan Boyd, Yvette Hawkins, Samantha Y Huang, Jeremy May, Davy & Kristin McGuire,Richard Nash and Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Co-curator Su Blackwell is a leading UK based artist working predominantly with paper and books. 

More Information:

Alexander Korzer-Robinson, Boys Own 1907, cut out, collaged book; 

Samantha Y Huang, Spring, book sculpture (Beyond the Book) 

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