One man, one woman, something bigger

The year: 1912. 
The place: Fort Madison, Iowa. 
Walter A. Sheaffer takes his grand idea of a pen-filling apparatus that utilizes a lever system and, with his life savings, founds the W.A. Sheaffer company. The physical space of the company is a modest one - the back-room of Mr. Sheaffer's jewelry store - but the vision of the company is much more than modest. Nearly a century later, Sheaffer continue to offer generation after generation innovative, reliable and stylish writing instruments.

The year: 2012. 
The place: Birmingham, England. 
Susan Kruse curates a project called The Library of Lost Books. Her idea is to send out some old damaged library books to be remade as works of art rather than have them thrown away. The project starts in an office in Central Library, Birmingham but has plans to go out across the UK to be shown in galleries, artists' studios, libraries and Universities. 

Sheaffer is a worldwide company, The Library of Lost Books is a small British art project. Sheaffer makes innovative writing instruments that are works of art. The Library of Lost Books is a collection of innovative book art. 


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