Wednesday Wonder No 16

 What would you do if someone sent you an old, dog-eared music manuscript and asked you to turn it into a work of art? Marianne Holm Hansen created this beautiful, delicate work of wonder, which pays homage to  the 'lost' music of Mendelssohn's sister, Fanny.

Each hole has been meticulously hand-punched out by Marianne, following the line of the original notes in the manuscript. It has been done so perfectly, this book could be read by a musician, the notes still played. 

The punched pages have been professionally bound into this lovely book. Isn't it incredible what an artist can do with something that was just going to be thrown away? If you would like to see this book for yourself, visit us when we exhibit The Library of Lost Books as part of the Discovery season for The Library of Birmingham, 5th to 23rd November 2013.


Printed Material said...

This is simply beautiful. I cannot wait to visit Birmingham and see this wonderful piece amongst all the other fabulous creations during the exhibition.

The Librarian said...

Printed Material: It really is! We look forward to showing it.