The Book

We are writing a book!

It is called,
 Bringing Back The Book 
How the Library of Lost Books explores the creative potential of discarded books. 

The book contains chapters about lost libraries, typography and design, the history of the project and its legacy. It has portraits, statements and short biographies of the artists involved and photographs, lots and lots of gorgeous photographs including all the art created from the salvaged books. It is in full colour throughout and, designed by Jessica Glaser, it is mouth-wateringly gorgeous.

This has been a group effort with Jessica Glaser from Wolverhampton University and our curator, Susan Kruse collaborating to write and edit it. Jessica is entirely responsible for the design and layout of the pages and getting it ready for print. Photographer David Knight gave his time for free to photograph the books over two frantic days and interns Kayleigh Bestwick and Loren Russell-Ahern helped with packing, unpacking and displaying the artwork during the photoshoot.

We also have the support  of the wonderful folks over at Sheaffer who have been truly magical Fairy Godmothers, not only sponsoring the book but also supporting the project with gifts of gorgeous pens for our upcoming Friday Freebies. They have also gifted us with a collection of lovely calligraphy pens that some lucky people will get to use at our exhibition workshops.

We are now in the final weeks of editing, proofreading (thank you Jackie Braithwaite!) and setting up the Library of Lost Books publishing company!

We'll keep you posted about the book's progress and hope to have some photographs and a publication date to share with you soon.

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