Jessica Glaser

Since its inception in 2010 The Library Of Lost Books has attracted a wealth of talent, from the 49 artists who have created the beautiful books that we will be exhibiting, to the internationally-renowned company Sheaffer.

One such person is the graphic designer Jessica Glaser, who came on board with us in 2012 when she designed and made a range of membership cards for supporters of the project. Since then Jessica and our curator, Susan Kruse, have been collaborating on our publication Bringing Back the Book: How the Library of Lost Books Explores the Creative Potential of Discarded Books, which is sponsored by Sheaffer and highlights details from the project, examining it’s legacy.

Jessica is an academic from the University of Wolverhampton in the UK, she is a graphic designer, and a prolific design writer. Her numerous books focus on topics including the use of space in graphic design, mnemonics and memory devices and the understanding and creation of visual hierarchy. Her latest book is the best-selling Graphic Design Exercise Book, published in English by RotoVision and in Spanish by Editorial Gustavo Gili. Her company Bright Pink Communication Design works in such areas as healthcare, construction, education, financial services and the public sector. We're immensely proud to have her on board.

Here’s what she says about the project:

“I feel genuinely privileged to be working with Susan Kruse and so many other talented and enthusiastic individuals who have come together and freely given their time, knowledge and skills to help make the Library of Lost Books exhibition and publication a successful reality.

“Each original discarded book provides a marvelous link with a specific period of time and with every individual who has ever read or consulted its pages. I’m delighted that the books have been ‘found’ again and innovatively and imaginatively brought back to life by LOLB artists to be shared with public in the future.”

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New book sounds brilliant, looking forward to reading it