A Big Thank You

As Bringing Back The Book is in the final stages before it goes off to be published, we thought it was high time we took a moment to say thank you to our wonderful sponsors, Sheaffer, without whom our book may never have got off the ground.

Sheaffer were incorporated in 1913 in Iowa, by a single man with a brilliant idea. Since then Sheaffer have grown to become world-renown pen-makers who marry functionality with beauty.

Here at The Library Of Lost Books we were fans of Sheaffer pens before they even came on board to help us make our book, so it was very exciting when they offered to sponsor us. We love their commitment to the aesthetics of their pens, many of which we consider works of art in themselves.

So you can imagine how delighted we were when Sheaffer sent us a box of their beautiful pens and packets of ink to use in conjunction with our exhibition. Some we sent away to our artists who used them to make drawings, scribblings and notes about The Library Of Lost Books, which are displayed below. The rest of the pens we will be using in our calligraphy workshop that will be running during the exhibition in November. If you’re interested in attending this workshop or any of the others that are running, we’ll be posting a workshop timetable next week for your diaries.

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Printed Material said...

So looking forward to travelling up this exhibition in November and love the sound of calligraphy workshops so will watch the dates etc with interest. Lesley