Morag Myercough and the space

The Library of Lost Books might have begun as a one woman project, but it fairly soon became a shared collaborative one, especially in the relationship between ourselves, the event organisers, Capsule and the  Library of Birmingham.

Collaboration requires a flexible attitude and a willingness to see the necessity of compromise. This is particularly evident at the moment as we begin the final preparations for the exhibition in Birmingham.

Our project started two years ago in conversations with staff at Central Library, Birmingham as we imagined the artworks spread out across all floors of the new library and the construction of a Heath Robinson-ish cabinet made to house a selection of the books. Of course as time went on, these ideas had to change and adapt.

Unfortunately, other artworks have since been selected for display across the library space, and our idea of a cabinet will not be realised for the exhibition in Birmingham, but we are excited by the new plan which puts The Library of Lost Books inside The Pavillion, curated and built by Morag Myerscough and her team.

Movement Café, Tweet Building, Greenwich
Morag is known internationally for her award-winning vibrant art spaces. She has designed the Pavillion to be a flexible space which will be the holding space for a series of artist-led activities, exhibitions and residencies curated by Birmingham based events organiser, Capsule.

Our curator was asked to design an alternative solution for exhibiting the Library of Lost Books, one that could take place in the Pavillion. With over 40 books in the collection, it is going to be a squeeze, but the idea finally settled upon between Susan and Morag should be an exciting space for visitors to explore and discover.

The exhibition display cabinets for The Library of Lost Books are now in the process of being built by Morag and we wait with bated breath to see the finished result.....
The Pavillion under construction at Library of Birmingham

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