Suzi Tibbet's book

Suzi writes:  "Thank you for the beautiful books. I was surprised to see not one book but two, part of a set of, even more surprisingly, German playbooks - volumes 5 and 6. My old A-Level German came in handy, and I could tell that they were compilations of the key "Classic" playwrights works.

Looking closer, each play is separated by a COLLATION slip, and has obviously been bound by the library. Two plays I studied at school appeared to be contained within the books - Antigone and Romeo and Juliet. I started to look for Romeo and Juliet, only to find that the Shakespeare works had been removed - replaced with a note stating, Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor is located in the S.M.A. Catalogue No.523601 - All other Shakespeare plays were duplicate and have been disposed of."

A photograph of the original book we sent to Suzi:

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