They Who Take the Word

An altered book by Natalie McGrorty
No. 1
Autumn, 1972

image copyright Kayleigh Bestwick

Natalie writes
"Brown paper package, tied up with string. Further encased in library-made card jacket; grey board with 4 holes punched, one in each corner – seemingly surplus to requirement.

I like the size and proportions of the book, which fits nicely in the hand. The pages are staple-bound. It is a quarterly magazine, with 40 pages. There are 2 inserts, one cream the other red. The red insert reports of ‘A painful announcement…’ The book is in fact a ‘magazine…concerned with poets and their readers.

 It is more of a structure for pinning poems to than a critical entity. What is printed in these pages will become a consciousness of life that processes itself with images, rhythms and themes, a kind of collective poet’s consciousness.

 ‘The poet…sparks his poetry in as many ways as there are lives. There is a world of poets, of listening poets who select…from outside jabber…and writing poets who work their internal reflections, music and ideas and try to set…them down.’
Sifting – poet mesh"

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