Sarah Rhys' Book

We don't have favourites here at the Library of Lost Books. How could we choose from all the stunning art we have in the collection? However, this book is one of the favourites I don't have. Sarah was working with an 1814 Musical Biography subtitled;  Memoirs of the Most Eminent Musical Composers and Writers who have Flourished in the Different Countries of Europe during the last Three Centuries. In Two Volumes. 

This burnt book demands that you pay attention to the most ephemeral qualities of a book, the marginalia. That is, the notations, creases, folds, thumb prints, library notes, inserts and other matters that become a part of a well-read book. The elements that give the book an extra layer of meaning; delicate, quiet meaning that must be sought out, considered. This is a work of art that asks the reader to consider the book as object and to pay attention to it's fragile, unspoken, unwitting message.

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