Merry Yuletide

You may have noticed that it has been a bit quiet here at The Library of Lost Books blog. Well, it hasn't been quiet behind the scenes I can tell you! We are busy preparing lots of wonderful Library of Lost treats for 2013 which is the year that the books will be exhibited together for the first time. But for lots of reasons we haven't been able to share much of what we are planning with you for the last couple of months. Partly because of restrictions placed on us by the Library of Birmingham, partly because we have been quite short staffed and partly because we like surprises.

However, we have been gifted with a wonderful intern, Loren, who is a third year visual communications student at Wolverhampton University. Loren's input will be a tremendous help in the coming months and should enable us to blog on a regular, weekly basis in 2013.

Also, come the new year we will begin to reveal many of our secret plans, so do keep reading the blog to discover where we will be and what we will be doing.

And finally, after a very long hiatus we can reveal the winners of the Sheaffer pens giveaway which we started waaay back in September! so, Nick Luft, Linda Gordon, April Taylor and Laura Squiddy get in touch with us and we will send you your Sheaffer pen and inks. Have a great festive holiday and see you in the new year folks!

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