unpicking and rebinding

Lovely project by LoLB artist Les Bicknell, who is exploring the nature of the fold. A simple idea, a really fascinating research/art project. Go read :
image copyright: Les Bicknell

unpicking and rebinding: "
The construction of garments and the hidden nature of the structure is the latest thread in my research – the pleat, hem, tuck and dart and how the 2D paper plan is translated to the 3D object are now ideas to consider – I have started to make paper versions to build my skill base and to see how they could be connected to ideas of book.
This activity of translation is mapped within the archives at the record office in the drawings of plans of buildings that I have been looking at – 2D to 3D or is it 3D to 2D – as a way of documenting, disseminating and then informing others of your ideas?"

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