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The members-only website goes live on 1st June 2012

"As an artist, I think that the huge amount of thinking, planning, making, tearing-up, re-making, hurling into darkened corners, sheepishly retrieving, dusting off and re-making (again) that happens when I (and I suspect, most artists) make art is a really important and interesting part of the process. It's a process that is not reflected by the (hopefully) pristine piece of finished work that gets submitted to be exhibited.

It's interesting how artists think.

The members-only website aims to give you a glimpse into that planning, making, hurling into darkened corners process, as we have asked the artists involved to send us updates on their work-in-progress; we will also try to get out and about and interview some of the artists. We will have pictures of the original books on the website and will keep you up to date on the progress of the exhibition with regular news items. We are also planning some lovely give-aways and other splendid treats." (Susan Kruse, curator and Chief LoLB Librarian)