Bringing Back the Book

For anyone who loves artists' books and/or libraries, this book is a must have.

Over 170 full colour photographs document the stunning artwork created by the artists, illustrators and craftspeople involved in The Library of Lost Books.
There is a chapter devoted to the artists, who they are and how they worked with their book, as well as essays on Lost Libraries, typography and the future of libraries, books and the project itself.

1.The Background
2. Introduction to the project
3. The Artists
4. On Lost Libraries by Anna Cathenka
5. Texture and Tone by Jessica Glaser
6. The Transformation
7. Foundations and Futures - on libraries and art by Jake Hope
8. Contributors Directory

Published by The Library of Lost Books 2013
Paperback, 98 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-9927002-0-1
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