the people

The Curator

The Library of Lost Books is curated by Birmingham based artist Susan Kruse.

The Artists

We currently have 48 artists, each working with a book from our collection. Each artist has a unique way of working and uses different materials or techniques. Click on their names for links to their websites.
Melanie J.Alexandrou
Linda Carreiro
Francis Chalet*
Amy Davies
Sara Dziadik*
Maureen Duke
Cath Fairgrieve
Oliver Flude
Jessica Glaser*

Wayne Hourihan
Helen Harrop
Andrew Howell
Jane Hyslop
Tracy Leech-Williams

Catherine Scriven
 Evlynn Sharp
Elizabeth Willow
* denotes new artists (from August 2012)

The University

The Library of Lost Books has been given a great deal of encouragement and support by the folks at Wolverhampton University. 

Jessica Glaser, senior lecturer, Visual Communication at Wolverhampton is responsible for the beautiful new LoLB logo, The Book (coming soon), some gorgeous membership card designs, organising sponsorship for The Book and for numerous ideas, solutions, good humour and inexhaustible energy.

Loren Russell-Ahern, who found an ingenious way of contributing to the project even when students were not allowed and for being a supportive and exceptionally cheerful intern and social media guru.

Kayleigh Bestwick, also a wonderful intern and our photographer extraordinaire.

Hilary and Pat at Wolverhampton University who are the go-to girls for enthusiasm and positivity.

The Sponsors

Jasmine Jones and Barbara George from Sheaffer, who have very kindly sponsored The Book.

The Library

Janet Brisland at Birmingham Library had the vision and enthusiasm to say yes to Susan's idea of an art project celebrating the opening of the new library. Her initial support was the inspiration that carried this project through the early days. Janet passed away in 2012 and is hugely missed by a great many people.

Brian Gambles, Head of Library services and The Man.

David Stokes who saved the archive cabinets for us.

Other fine folk

Debbie Mynott, chief agony aunt.

David Knight brilliant photographer for The Book.

Sarah Bodman, Senior Research Fellow for Artists' Books at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) and early days cheerleader.

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