the supporters

"When I started rescuing the books I had no funding. The wonderful people listed below joined the Library of Lost Books membership scheme and helped me get the project off the ground. They are the project's fairy Godmothers and Godfathers and I am infinitely grateful to them." 
Susan Kruse, curator, The Library of Lost Books 

Pearl Members
Susan Rhodes
Helen Brown
Jackie Braithwaite

Dewey Members
Wendy Bloomer
Nicholas Luft
C Tyrrell

Duchamp Members
Clare Boothby
E E Booth
Neil Bowler
Christina Cairns
Carol Cantrell
Anna Cathenka
Nick Cave
Rowena Edlin-White
Roxanne Feldman
Sarah Freeman
Sally-Ann Garrett
N Griffiths
Erica J Hateley
Linda Hodgson
Lorna Jewitt
Gill Kemp
Iain Macleod-Brudenell
Susan la Marca
Tom McCutcheon
Leah Meads
Janis Melville
Karen Mercer
Mary Ann Morel
Maureen Orkiszewski
Diane Patmore
Lucy Sheppard
Laura Steele
Francesca Tondi

Casanova Members
Heather Dewick
Philip Goundrey
Martha Lea
Madeline Wheatley