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Books at Bootham

A selection of the Library of Lost Books collection has been on exhibition at Bootham School in York this month. The exhibition has been designed and curated by Bootham's artist-in-residence, Jade Blood and we have to say that we think it is fantastic. Jade has done an wonderful job, crafting a lively, beautiful and intensely interesting exhibition.  (all following photographs copyright Jade Blood) The exhibition was housed in Bootham School's purpose built Arts Centre. To engage the audience, Jade used typewritten and handmade signage. Other old books were used as carrier of text about the project and exhibition.  Helen Ward's paper insects.  Clare Boothby's engaging and playful response. Suzie Tibbetts burned books We particularly loved the use of the bell jar to exhibit and protect one of Tibbet's pieces Melanie Alexandrou's work Melanie Alexandrou's work an example of some of the delightful graphics used th

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